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Title: Pasta
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: January 4, 2010
Mondays & Tuesdays
20 Episodes
Replacing: Queen Seon Deok

The Italian restaurant-themed drama will be about marriage stories for women who are in their 30s and also about success stories on women who wants to be chefs. Alex's role will be a customer who has a specialty in foods (somewhat like food critics) called Kim San.
Lee Seon-kyun plays the prickly head chef, while Gong Hyo-jin is an assistant. Lee's character (sigh) harbors a painful past that makes him unwilling to recognize the talents of women chefs (what a creative excuse for being a sexist?). This leads him to clash with Gong repeatedly in the kitchen as they get off to a rocky start. Gong says that although she has filmed with Lee for a month, there have been so many scenes with him tormenting her that she still can't quite look him in the eye.


Food takes center stage in this aptly named South Korean drama series about Seo Yoo Kyung (Gong Hyo Jin) trying to move up in the male-dominated culinary world. Yoo Kyung is the daughter of a Chinese restaurant owner who aspires for success at a fine-dining Italian restaurant. She toils as the lowest-ranking kitchen assistant at La Sfera restaurant but hopes to move up to chef someday. Her goals become even harder to achieve when the restaurant hires the tyrannical new head chef Choi Hyun Wook (Lee Sun Gyun), who immediately fires the female chefs in his new kitchen. Despite also being fired a number of times, Yoo Kyung survives the hostile work environment through her own drive and determination as well as the secret backing of Kim San (played by actor and singer Alex), the behind-the-scenes restaurant owner who is smitten with her. The kitchen gets even hotter when San hires his friend Oh Sae Young (Lee Ha Nui), the most popular female celebrity chef, as co-chef to Hyun Wook. It turns out that the two dated while in culinary school in Italy, but the relationship ended badly when Sae Young sabotaged Hyun Wook to win a cooking contest. Through great spunk and perseverance, Yoo Kyung manages to improve her culinary skills under the tutelage of temperamental Hyun Wook while also capturing his heart. You'll never look at a plate of pasta in the same away again! "Pasta" is a 2010 South Korean drama series directed by Kwon Suk Jang, who also directed "Kimcheed Radish Cubes (2007) and "My Princess" (2011).

From Left to Right:
Honey Lee, Lee Seon-kyun, Gong Hyo-jin, and Alex.


Cast Character

pasta-cast-1Seo Yoo Kyung (26 years old) –Gong Hyo JinEasy to be fooled, also she does not utter any complaints. Only female in La Spera treated as third class. But, she will be a legend.
Her responsibilities: Washing hundreds of dishes, frying pan, dish cloth, sterilizing cutting board, cooking for chefs, cleaning the floor, organizing the refrigerator, organizing trash, making pickles, purchasing materials, organizing accounting book, washing clothes, sharpening knives, taking care of stoves, delivering materials to each division, cleaning the lounge, providing first aid to injuries, etc.
She is still an assistant even though she did all this for three years. For she is not from a good school, she has no relationship with powerful people. She knows her own situation very well and acts carefully upon it. Like this, she became No.9 after 3 years of hard working.
Finally, she catches a chance to hold the frying pan. But, at that time, one macho came to kitchen as a chief chef, and he says ‘No female in kitchen’.
“Critical situation may exist, but never gives up. I will destroy all barriers for female and I will be a legend in kitchen.”
pasta-cast-2Choi Hyun Wook (32years old) –Lee Sun GyunCooking is ‘me’, the chef is the master
He immigrated to Italy at his early ages and lived there with his parents who opened a restaurant. He took the chef course there, then became a top class chef. He comes to restaurant ‘La Spera’ after he is promised full authority. He does not compromise with anyone, even the owner and old chefs, as for ‘cooking’.
Even though his parents are original Korean, he looks and acts like an Italian. He is cool about love as well as cooking. He acts like he can do everything, and acts like he has many things. He is a macho of machos, and he is straightforward. He thinks it is not appropriate to work with a female. Females can not be a colleague nor a friend. Female itself is OK, but no more female chef. There must be no female chef in my restaurant.
the girl, Yoo Kyung, who survives like a weed in my kitchen, starts to shake his heart

pasta-cast-3Oh Sae Young (31 years old) –Lee Honey
She chose cooking for success!
Seo Yoo Kyung’s idol, ideal character. Symbol of ‘female chef’. She is the Hostess of a television cooking program as well as the author of a best-selling cook book. The only woman in Korea who reached the top of Italian food.
She fell in love with Choi Hyunwook while she was studying at a cooking school in Italy. She graduated as a valedictorian after messing up Choi Hyunwook’s final test on purpose. Though she didn’t want to give up both love and ambition, she put off love for the moment.
The fact that she was valedictorian of an prestigious school, put spot-light on this pretty chef, and gave her a chance to appear in television and commercials. Which leads to popularity and wealth. After attaining everything else, she decided to accomplish the last thing, which is, fatal weak point, her first love.
Behind the calling of chef Choi Hyunwook to ‘La Spera’, there is Oh Seo Young. She never doubted her victory about the result, love as well as business.

pasta-cast-4Kim San (34 years old) –AlexCooking is business!
He lives in an apartment near restaurant ‘La Spera’ investing in stocks. He solves every meal at ‘La Spera’. That’s why he likes to critique about the taste of ‘La Spera’ dish, which is referred to as best. Also, he likes to fool around with Yoo Kyung.
Three years ago, when Yoo Kyung caused trouble to join ‘La Spera’, he was sitting somewhere in the restaurant. He liked the way she earned a job. But not only that, he wanted to see how much she will grow with the passion she has. As to Yoo Kyung , he is a pain in the neck, but truthfully he supports her and cheers her on.
With Oh Seo Young, they are close friends who might appear to others as lovers. As a matter of fact, they might know each other too well to get even closer. However how much longer can they be ‘cool friends’ as Hyunwook and Yoo Kyung appears in their life? The relationship between man and woman is one thing that cannot be predicted.

Main Cast

Gong Hyo Jin as Seo Yoo Kyung
Lee Sun Gyun as Choi Hyun Wook
Lee Ha Nui as Oh Sae Young
Alex as Kim San
Choi Min Sung as Jung Eun Soo
Jang Yong as Seo Jong Gyu
Kim Dong Hee as Seo Yoo Suk
Byun Jung Soo as Kim Kang
Choi Jae Hwan as Jung Eun Soo
No Min Woo as Philip
Baek Bong Ki as Min Seung Jae
Heo Tae Hee as Han Sang Sik
Yoon Yong Hyun as Kwang Tae
Lee Hyung Chul as Geum Suk Ho
Jo Sang Ki as Jung Ho Nam
Ha Jae Sook as Lee Hee Joo
Lee Sung Min as Seol Joon Suk
Son Sung Yoon as Park Chan Hee
Jung Da Hye as Park Mi Hee
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song pasta ost
OST part 01

01 – Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – 듣죠… 그대를 *
02 – M To M – 갑니다 *
03 – Every Single Day – Lucky Day *
04 – 듣죠… 그대를 (MR)
05 – 갑니다 (MR)

Full Album:

OST part 02

01 귀여운 넌 - Kim Jung Ah (After School) *
02.작은 거짓말 - Kim Dong Hee *
03.귀여운 넌 (Instrumental)
04.작은 거짓말 (Instrumental)

Full Album:

OST part 03

01. 듣죠… 그대를 / 슈퍼주니어 규현 *
02. 갑니다 / 엠투엠(M To M) *
03. Lucky Day / 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day) *
04. 귀여운 넌 / 애프터스쿨 정아 *
05. 작은 거짓말 / 김동희 *
06. 파트타임러버 (Part Time Lover) / 클래지콰이(Clazziquai) *
07. The Minstrel Boy
08. Pasta Intro
09. 듣죠 그대를 (Orch ver.)
10. 듣죠 그대를 (Piano ver.)
11. 갑니다 (Orch ver.)
12. 귀여운 넌 (Orch ver.)
13. 작은 거짓말 (Orch ver.)
14. 파트타임 러버 (Orch ver.)
15. 우연 (Orch ver.)
16. Waltz 4 Minnie (Orch ver.)

Full Album:

OST part 04

01 Pasta Intro
02 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (드라마 `파스타` 삽입곡) / Girl's Generation
03 Do You Love Me / 러브에이지(Love Age)

Full Album:

* File Hosting - Mediafire
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:)  mysoju (link)
:) dramaload (link)
:) dramacrazy (link)
:) hancinema (link)
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:) maaduu (link)
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