Shining Inheritance..(^_^)

Title : Chanranhan Yusan - 찬란한 유산
Title in English : Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy
Genre : Romance, Family
Episodes : 28
Broadcast Network : SBS

Shining Inheritance is a TV drama from South Korea starred Lee Seung Gi, Han Hyo Joo, Moon Chae Won and Bae Soo Bin. This drama reached the 47% of ratings.

Synopsis :

Go Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) come from rich background family and returned from USA to Korea. In airport, her bag is switched with the rich-bad male, Sun Woo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi) 's bag. In order to get her bag, she must suffered because of Hwan's behaviour. Suddenly, her dad died and left his family so much debts, Hyo Joo's stepmom asked her and her autism savant brother life separately with her stepmom and stepsister. Time passed and destiny makes they meet again, they work in the same place as Hwan's grandma wishes. Hyo Joo's stepsister, Yoo Seung Mi (Moon Chae Won) wants Hyo Joo to keep the secret about their relationship from Hwan who is a male that Seung Mi loves since long time ago. In through the hard life, Hyo Joo gets many help from Park Joon Se (Bae Soo Bin) then love rectangle starts form......

Cast :

Han Hyo Joo as Go Eun Sung
Lee Seung Gi as Sun Woo Hwan
Moon Chae Won as Yoo Seung Mi
Bae Soo Bin as Park Jun Se
Kim Mi Sook as Baek Sung Hee
Min Young Won as Lee Hye Ri (Eun Sung's Bestfriend)
Yun Joon Suk as Go Eun Woo (Eun Sung's Brother)
Jun In Taek as Go Pyung Joong (Eun Sung's Dad)
Han Ye Won as Sun Woo Jung
Ban Hyo Jung as Jang Sook Ja (Hwan and Jung's Grandma)
Yoo Ji In as Oh Young Ran (Hwan and Jung's Mom)
Jung Suk Won as Jin Young Suk (Hwan's Friend)
Kim Jae Seung as Lee Hyung Jin (Jun Se's Roommate)
Son Yeo Eun as Jung In Young (Eun Sung's Friend)
Choi Jung Woo as Park Tae Soo (Jun Se's Dad)
Lee Seung Hyung as Pyo Sung Chul
Baek Seung Hyun as Manager Lee Joon Young
Park Sang Hyun as Park Soo Jae
Ha Dae Ro as Waiter
Kim Ho Chang
Min Joo Hyun


Soundtrack :

One of You - Kang Ha Ni
The Person Living in My Heart - Yi Soo
Crazy in Love - Jisun
Love is Punishment - K. Will
Will You Marry Me - Lee Seung Gi Feat. Bizniz

Awards :

2010 : Baeksang Arts Awards: Male Popularity Award (Lee Seung Gi)
2010 : Korea Broadcast Awards: Best Series Drama
2010 : Seoul Drama Awards: Hallyu Stars Actress Award (Han Hyo Joo)
2010 : Seoul Drama Awards: Netizens' Popularity Award (Lee Seung Gi)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Achievement Award (Ban Hyo Jung)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award (Kim Mi Sook)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor Award - Special Planning Drama (Lee Seung Gi)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress Award - Special Planning Drama (Han Hyo Joo)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award (Lee Seung Gi)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award (Han Hyo Joo)
2009 : SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award (Bae Soo Bin)
2009 : MNET 20s Choice Awards: Hot Female Drama Star (Han Hyo Joo)
2009 : MNET 20s Choice Awards: Hot Male Drama Star (Lee Seung Gi)

Link Drama:

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credit: google,youtube n SKA blog


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